5 Things to be Grateful For

Are you always complaining about life? Is it getting harder for you to deal with the circumstances? If yes, reading this article will be a light for you in the dark.

Facing hardships is a part of human life. While dealing with such circumstances, having a negative outlook is no surprise. One might think there’s nothing to be grateful for. But once you take some time out and reflect, you’ll find those things. To make it easier for you we’ve come up with a list of things that you could be grateful for.

Practicing gratitude will boost your mental health by shifting your mindset towards positivity. So, let’s jump in.

Being Alive

If you’re able to breathe right now, then be grateful for this. There are many examples around us of how someone’s life ends all of a sudden. There’s no guarantee when your breathing stops. So, why take life for granted?

Imagine yourself being dead, what will be the reaction of your loved ones? Think of the pain and sorrow they had to bear. Of course, you don’t even want to imagine that. Life is certainly a precious gift for us. So, value it and be thankful for life.


Do you remember the last time you were grateful for being healthy? Most of your answers will be a big No. Right? Because we never value our health unless we got sick or ill.

Ask someone who is suffering from any chronic disease or serious mental illness. All they need is recovery from that disease. So, don’t you think you should be grateful for being healthy and fit?


Look at your family and friends, aren’t they precious? If you’re not thankful for those people in your life, then for what else you will be thankful for?

Cherish the relationships and people you have in your life. You can share both your happiness and sorrows with them. You’ll have them at your back in all situations. So, be grateful for them.

Having Water And Food

Are you getting clean water to drink and food to eat? If yes, being thankful is a must. Food and water are two essential requirements for living. Still, there are people deprived of these basic necessities.

Apparently getting water and food are no big deal for many of us. So, we didn’t realize how important they are for our life. If one has these blessings, he should be grateful for them.

Ability To Deal With The Challenges

Don’t be afraid of hardships and challenges. These challenges are meant for making you stronger. You’re able to deal with the troubles in the future. Eventually, developing resilience against tough times. Thus, be grateful for the challenges as they help you to handle the adversities.

To add on, these challenges provide an opportunity to learn which in return increases your chances of growth. So, why be afraid of challenges or hardships?

Wrapping Up

Although, the list of the things you should be grateful for can go on and on. All you need is to acknowledge them. However, to practice gratitude, the five things shared above can provide you with a great start.

If you struggle with practicing gratitude, despite trying hard, then it’s time to get professional help. Book a session with us now!