Income Tax FAQs

1.Where is my refund?

You can locate this on our website under the tab “where my refund”.

2. How much money can you get me on my tax refund?

It depends on numerous factors, including income, dependents, tax credits or deductions you’ve earned.

3. How do I start working with you?

We offer an initial interview over the phone to understand your income tax needs and decide to what steps are needed thereafter.

4. Do you accept walk-ins?

We work strictly by appointment only.

5. How long does it take to receive my refunds?

The IRS states that it can take at least 21 days and for states that time may via.

6. What other services do you offer?

We offer some payroll processing for small companies and sales tax return preparation in addition to our income tax, bookkeeping services, and tax planning services.

7. Do you offer tax representation before the IRS?

We do offer limited tax representation before the IRS, contact us for further details.

8. How can you help me minimize my tax liability?

We encourage that you contact us regarding a consultation to help with tax planning strategy sessions to help with minimizing your tax liability.

9. How many years should I keep my income tax returns?

It’s advised to keep at least 7 years for your records. However, you can save them electronically and keep them forever.

10. When can I schedule an appointment?

Book an appointment when you have gathered your documents and ready to work with us.