10 Benefits of Single Tasking- Remove Distractions

With too many things to be done, getting involved in multitasking is not uncommon. Everyone is willing to do more in less time. It’s the demand of the modern world with more expectations and short deadlines. But is multitasking as effective as it may sound? The answer is “NO”. Yes, you read it and write it doesn’t work.

What if I tell you that Multitasking is a myth, would you believe it?

So, what should one do? Just the opposite. You guessed it right. It’s “Single-Tasking”. Now it might be a hard pill to swallow for most of you. But let me tell you multitasking is only a myth.
Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Let’s discover the power of single tasking.

Why Choose Single Tasking?

One might be confused about whether single tasking is worth it or not. As multitasking apparently seems more beneficial. So, let’s clear this doubt by seeing if single-tasking works.

Improves Performance

Doing single tasking will improve your overall performance. The quality of the task performed will improve to a large extent. The person becomes more productive in this time. The reason is that you’re more committed to the task at hand, you go all-in with complete focus. Increasing your brain speed and getting meaningful work done. At that time the brain isn’t processing outside information. So, if you have a lower level of performance, then single tasking might work for you.

Improves Efficiency

Contrary to popular belief, single tasking is way more efficient than multitasking. People assume they’ll be more efficient when multitasking as doing various things at a time. But the reality is different. You are more efficient in single tasking as you’re more productive, and focused. This will result in getting more done in less time. Hence improving your efficiency.

Rebuilds Focus

While doing a single task your brain functioning is improved. As you’re focused on one thing at a time with all your energies diverted to it. Your attention is on that task no other thing. On the other hand, this focus will certainly be divided when you’re multitasking which increases the chances of error.

Builds Your Attention Span

Attention span is decreasing day by day which is becoming a real challenge. Many people struggle with focusing on one thing for a longer time. Let me tell you something that will increase your attention span. And it’s none other than ‘Single-tasking’. The more you do single tasking the more your attention span develops.

Free Up Mental Space

When you’re involved in various things getting done at the same time, it keeps your mind busy. Your mental space is preoccupied with the tasks list. This limits your brain processing due to cognitive overload. The outcome is lower understanding and accomplishment. To avoid it you should do one thing at a time that will free your mental space.

Easier to Track

It’s difficult to keep track while multitasking as your brain is juggling various tasks and activities. You’re not able to respond and record the progress of each task. Neither you’re able to see the completion rate. But that’s not the case with single tasking. They’re quite easy to track and see the progress.

Lower Stress Level

No doubt multitasking can cause stress. As our brains are not designed to do multiple things at a time. Switching back and forth from one task to another creates a state of panic. Trying to figure out what you were doing, what to do next etc. All this will mess up your mental state.

Ultimately, you’ll be in the burnout stage leading to depression and social anxiety. To prevent long-term negative consequences, single tasking is the best option to go for.

Become More Creative

You might have heard that artists and writers require solitude to come up with something unique and brilliant. All this time they are just thinking about their work. Away from all the distractions and focusing on the single task of creating a masterpiece in their respective field. This focus allows creativity to flow. Single tasking unlocks the brain’s potential by digging deeper into a task. Let’s be more creative in our fields by implementing single tasking.

Strengthen Self-Discipline

Single tasking will be tough at the beginning. But it will become easier when you keep on practicing it. Like any other habit, you’ll need strong willpower to develop this habit of single tasking. You’ll train yourself along the way. This will make you more self-disciplined. As you have been working against your will, filtering out the external stimuli the brain is constantly receiving.

How To Do Single Tasking?

Although single tasking is helpful in various ways, it’s hard to do. As people get bored and tired of working on the same thing for a long time. So, here are a few steps of how to do single tasking.

Prioritize The Work

The first thing you need to do is to list down the tasks you need to do. Make a schedule for them as scheduling improves productivity. Decide and prioritize the most important and challenging tasks. Get started with a single task that is at the top of the list.

Remove All Distractions

When you get started with the tasks make sure you’re away from all kinds of distractions. Especially from digital devices such as cell phones. The study reveals that cell phones are a major distraction in performance.

Break Down the Tasks

If you’re working on a project or large task, break that task into milestones. This will keep you focused and organized. Eventually, you will complete the task without trouble.

Use Time Management Tools

There are multiple tools available that will help you to manage your time. Also, this will assist you in tracking your progress over time. So, you can complete the task on time.

Take Breaks

When you’re working for long hours, your brain certainly needs a rest. So, take small interval breaks in between the tasks. This will refresh your mind and you can get back with more energy.

Wrapping Up

You can cherish all the above-mentioned benefits by practicing single tasking. So, why not give it a try? Burst this myth of multitasking from your life and start practicing single tasking to achieve greater results. Let’s start from today.

Have you tried single tasking? Do share your experience in the comment box.