Gratitude, Why It Matters

I have realized that when things don’t seem to be going right in my life, I try to take a slight pause and see that things could be worse. It’s hard oftentimes to see life that way but it’s about continuing to focus on what is truly important. We are all given the same amount of time each day and we can choose to focus and be grateful for what we have and don’t have. I learned from an early age to be grateful for many things in my life. For every occasion a meal is prepared for me or when a person extends a kind gesture towards me that’s an opportunity to be present to those encounters. I find that when I am grateful for the little things, it makes it more rewarding for the significant events in my life. Be intentional in being grateful everyday perhaps with affirmations or journaling in where you’ll find that despite the concerns and issues that will arise it will help anchor you to see what is this situation teaching me and how can it serve me in my life. I truly believe that we can be the best versions of ourselves when we stop being ungrateful to what we don’t have and focus on what have in the present moment.

Live On Purpose
Kwame Michel