Sometimes To Win You Have To Lose

What are you willing to let go of to create the life that you want for yourself. We often think of others when we set out to create our lives but regardless of what others my think if we don’t create space for ourselves then how can we show up for our loved ones.

What are you holding on to that’s preventing you from living your best life?

The people who demand so much from us, is it worth it?

What if we let go of the relationships, the hurts and the pains that no longer serve us and focus on becoming the best versions of ourselves. That doesn’t happen overnight but requires us to be intentional in replacing habits and limiting beliefs with new ones.

I had to let go of toxic relationships, both personal and business that robbed me of time and energy and most importantly my self-worth. It’s when I delved into personal development and set out for my own well being that I became a better Human being. The stress and related concerns were now events that I saw as opportunities to learn from them. To win in this game called life is more about the process than the destination. So, what are you willing to Lose to Win!!!

Kwame Michel
Live On Purpose!